Space Plus

SPACE PLUS creates a new interpretation of minimalism by bringing together an artisan spirit, new oriental design and an international concept ! Persisting in our brand idea of “Less but better”

it is our passion to focus on craftsmanship throughout the details of every product and rethink minimalist design.
Integrating the concepts of aesthetics, technology and comprehension ability, Space plus is using the works as the media connection for arousingthe unique 
According to the needs of users, optimize the combination of space structure, system,
service and management,From the perspective of high-efficiency,comfort,and convenience,we provide a customized solution for your space.
Independently provide a full set of comprehensive services including design,
manufacturing, delivery, construction and maintenance.

By flexible application of aluminum, glass, wood, rock, leader, cloth, silk, and other
natural materials, SPACE PLUS products range from functional door systems to
cloakroom systems, cabinet systems and wall systems.
Precise proportions, simple lines, harmonious tones, discreet shapes, precious
materials, delicate details,Space Plus focus on technology and innovation
Each product is the perfect embodiment of the craftsman spirit
Through the integration of high quality materials, excellent manufacturing
technology, as well as smart home and creative design ideas, SPACE PLUS is
committed to creating an intelligent product system featuring the design of open
spaces, modern functionalism, comfort, flexibility and practicality.
Perfectly present the design from the space with different functionsin commerce, hotels, private houses, offices, etc.
The design of our items are classic,as well as not controlled by time and space.

Meeting the diversity of customer needs by using the design style of globalization
and contemporary.
In an ever changing world, new and truly international design concepts are needed
to create spaces for the future.

SPACE PLUS stands for an independent spirit that shows in our designs and
individual solutions that fit our demanding customers.

Project location:Guangzhou, China

Project category:Enterprise Exhibition Pavilion

Owner organization:Space Plus (guangzhou) Flagship Store

Design Organization:Sangu Design

Chief Designer:Gu Teng

Plane photography:Tan Xiao

Proejct Process